Challenge 01 – Eat nothing for 5 days

Self-discipline hasn’t been my strength in the past, especially when it comes to food. In the process of writing another blog post on feeling OK in any setting I wondered how I would cope with not eating for a while.

So the challenge I set myself for last week was: Eat absolutely nothing for 5 days, except the odd apple.

Fasting from Sunday evening till Friday evening proved far easier than I had thought. Of course I drank a lot of water, and I also ate a couple of apples. But all in all I was amazed how easy I found it. Interestingly I wasn’t even all that hungry, I guess that our hunger impulse in the developed world is probably quite broken anyways because we rarely go for more than a couple of hours without food.

The experience was fantastic! During the 4th day I felt a little dizzy and had a slight headache but apart from that I had more energy than usual, got loads more done, and was feeling fabulous. Since I had never fasted before this was a great insight: I don’t need to fret about food so much – if I don’t get any for a couple of days it’s perfectly fine.

One interesting insight was that not eating was perfectly fine, but once I had a bite of food containing glucose or white flour I developed a ravishing hunger. How interesting to see the effect of insulin so directly and clearly!

Now, I’ll see whether I can apply my experiences to everyday life, to perceive food as a privilege rather than something that has to be done, and to implement the “eat till you’re 80% full” maxim of Japan.

A wonderful experience that I can only recommend for anyone to try out for themselves!

2 Responses to Challenge 01 – Eat nothing for 5 days

  1. potato says:

    Try it while running 50km that week (accumulated), to simulate having to also find that scarce food your body needs.