Challenge 02 – Lose 16kg in 16 weeks (with a Twist)

I am setting myself another tough challenge: By September 8th 2012 I will weigh less than 90kg and feel slim and well.

I have achieved this before, but unfortunately am back where I had started after 3 years. Last time I had much more leisure time to organize my food and not be stressed. On the other hand I did it entirely through nutrition and might take up just a tiny bit of sport to get there in time.

So, here is the plan. I am going to follow the same rules as previously, but this time I’ll try them with a twist.

The Gamification of Health

Following the concept of Gamification, I set out to simplify all those complicated rules and complex issues of nutrition (also see Health Month is a self-improvement RPG). Of course it is important to be aware of them, to eat the right foods and to make healthy choices, but all too often the complexity can be a major hindrance.

lifestyle gamification

My little Healthy Lifestyle Game - actual excel sheet

Playing the Game of Health

Playing the game is easy: I keep track of my meal times, stating whether I had regular meals at 8am, noon, 4pm, 8pm and did not eat or snack anything after 8pm. I check whether I I’ve eaten my 5 fruit/vegetables, drank 2 liters of water, had 8 hours of sleep, spent 2 hour in an upright position, had 30 minutes of exercise or walking and log my weight.

The goal of the game is equally simple. Depending on difficulty level, I need to tick at least 6 boxes every day and 40 boxes in a week.

The rules couldn’t be any simpler. Of course it matters what kind of food I eat, when I do the exercise, etc. but with this regime I am confident that I will find pleasure in the Game of Health and will reach my target of losing 16kg in 16 weeks.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress and how the gamification approach works out.

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2 Responses to Challenge 02 – Lose 16kg in 16 weeks (with a Twist)

  1. dagobert says:

    Sounds great and also challenging.

    Any status yet?

    • Jonas says:

      Status is that I have postponed my starting point.
      I firmly believe that it only makes sense to start when I feel a strong motivation to do so, and I am building up my motivation by doing the exact opposite ;)