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8 things I wish I’d learned by now
sand slipping throug hand - I wish I'd learned

Today I had one of those blinding insights again! Suddenly everything made sense, it clicked. What a fantastic feeling when everything simply falls into place.

I am sure you’ve had this kind of insight and more often than not their magic wears of all too quickly. I forget, my habits get the better of me, I prioritize other things, and before I know it my great understanding slips through my fingers. Continue reading

Challenge 01 – Eat nothing for 5 days
lunch diet fasting

Self-discipline hasn’t been my strength in the past, especially when it comes to food. In the process of writing another blog post on feeling OK in any setting I wondered how I would cope with not eating for a while.

So the challenge I set myself for last week was: Eat absolutely nothing for 5 days, except the odd apple. Continue reading

How we Delete and Distort Reality, and why it Matters
Mona Lisa Deletion Distortion Perspectives

Perception is an active process, rather than a passive taking in of what is out in the world. Everything our senses take in is reflected against prior experience, evaluated, its meaning determined and put into the current context. What at … Continue reading

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Placebo – How we co-create Reality through Beliefs
Placebo pills

Our beliefs have a significant impact on how we experience life, but even more, they can affect us physically. The study of placebos has shown that the sheer belief in the effectiveness of a drug sometimes leads to similar effects … Continue reading

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How Science Fiction opened my Mind

Science Fiction tends to have a poor reputation. It is often regarded as something for kids or juveniles, nothing but escapist nerd literature. But Science Fiction can be so much more than space opera cranked out by the dozens. Some … Continue reading

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Misery – Things to check when you have it tough
misery or gratitude

It’s one of those days again… Are you feeling down? Nothing makes sense? There are those who’d tell you to smarten up, who’d tell you that less fortunate people than you are making more of themselves and that you should … Continue reading

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Spatial Resolution – The Devil is in the Detail
Schematic of the Human Eye

It appears to us as if we see our complete surroundings in detail, focus and color all the time. And yet, at any one time we only see a very small portion of our environment in high resolution. You can … Continue reading

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Visible Spectrum – Our tiny Window into the World
Human vision is desaturated in low-light conditions

Our eyes are capable of sensing electromagnetic waves between the wave lengths 390-750nm, also known as “light”, from violet through blue, green, yellow to red . This is but a miniscule part of the electromagnetic spectrum and far less than … Continue reading

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Points of View – Gaining Perspective on Life

When we look out into the world, when something happens in the world, when we look at our life situation, we are surrounded by certainty. We just know how things are. How couldn’t we? They are staring us right in … Continue reading

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Do Everything as if it were a Tutorial
Do everything as if it were a Tutorial

Treating every action as a tutorial, explaining your steps and knowing that someone might catch you in a stupid error, leads you to question your habits, to be more considerate and explicite in your steps and choosing the best or most appropriate approach rather than the seemingly fastest (often disoriented trial-and-error). Continue reading