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Creativity is the Willingness to learn from Failure

Whenever I read one of the fabulous comics on xkcd.com, I wonder how the author Randall Munroe comes up with all these funny everyday observations. If only I could be as creative as him… How often have I glanced into … Continue reading

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Failing your way to Success
CC-BY-NC-ND  by  Honda News 

An aikido student asked his master, “Master – how is it that you never lose your balance?”. The master replied, “I continuously lose my balance. I just regain it faster.” Does a toddler fail to learn walking in less than … Continue reading

Should – How Societal Norms Shape Our Emotions

There seem to be a myriad of subconscious expectations about what we should do and feelings we should experience in certain situations. In many situations, this “expected” emotional reaction can even significantly affect the outcome, even when you probably didn’t … Continue reading

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