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How we Delete and Distort Reality, and why it Matters
Mona Lisa Deletion Distortion Perspectives

Perception is an active process, rather than a passive taking in of what is out in the world. Everything our senses take in is reflected against prior experience, evaluated, its meaning determined and put into the current context. What at … Continue reading

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On Reading Ken Wilber’s “Sex, Ecology, Spirituality”
Ken Wilber Quadrants AQAL

Ken Wilber’s “Sex, Ecology, Spirituality” is a daunting read by any standard. At over 850 pages (300 of which are extensive notes at the end), it is one of the most abstract books I have yet read. This was my … Continue reading

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Saccades – We see what we are looking for
Task dependent eye movements

Since the macula only covers ca. 1% of the visual field, a whole scene cannot be captured in fine detail from a single exposure. In order to gain detailed information about different areas of a scene, it is necessary to … Continue reading

How Science Fiction opened my Mind

Science Fiction tends to have a poor reputation. It is often regarded as something for kids or juveniles, nothing but escapist nerd literature. But Science Fiction can be so much more than space opera cranked out by the dozens. Some … Continue reading

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Visible Spectrum – Our tiny Window into the World
Human vision is desaturated in low-light conditions

Our eyes are capable of sensing electromagnetic waves between the wave lengths 390-750nm, also known as “light”, from violet through blue, green, yellow to red . This is but a miniscule part of the electromagnetic spectrum and far less than … Continue reading

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Points of View – Gaining Perspective on Life

When we look out into the world, when something happens in the world, when we look at our life situation, we are surrounded by certainty. We just know how things are. How couldn’t we? They are staring us right in … Continue reading

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Sensation – The limits we can’t see
Limits of our Sensation

Everything we are aware of is based solely on information from our five senses: vision, hearing, touch, smell & taste. Certainly, our model of the world is much more complex than the direct information from our senses, but every model … Continue reading

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Reality is the Sum of all Perspectives

How often are we locked into our personal perspective of the world, how often unable to adopt a different point of view? Due to our limited senses and intrinsic difficulties in sensing the world as it is, we constantly make … Continue reading

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How we Experience the World
The five senses

I am writing this book to guide you on a journey from first principles of perception through the jungle that is our mind towards becoming a whole person and towards spirituality. As much as possible I will give a logical sequence that will lead you from the powerful, yet limited mindset of Western culture towards a more spiritual, integral, holistic view of the world. Continue reading

How Maps mislead and bias Us
Direct flight route from New York to Hong Kong on a Mercator Map

World maps influence our model of the world. What if the map we are familiar with didn’t represent the sizes of land masses accurately? Continue reading